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Nürburgring is one of Europe`s, not to say the world`s most famous motorsports complexes, lying close to Nürburg in Germany. It is located approximately 70km south of Cologne, and 120km northwest of Frankfurt.

It features a Grand Prix racetrack built in 1984, and the much longer old “North Loop” (Nordschleife) track, which was built around the picturesque village and medieval castle Nürburg in the Eifel Mountains. The Nordschleife is 20.8 km long and has more than 300 metres of elevation change between the lowest and highest points.

Nürburgring has several very good super modern conference hotels located right at the old Formula 1 circuit, which is an ideal centre for the motorsport activities this area has to offer. Here you can also find many smaller hotels, many pleasant pubs and bars, all of which all carry at least a hint of cars and motorsport activities.

Many major events are held in this area, including DTM (German Touring Car Championship). It is fun to watch the historic race on the Nordschleife with its sharp turns. We always keep ourselves updated – please, do not hesitate to contact us regarding upcoming events.

You can also rent cars or motorbikes. There are many companies that provide cars equipped with proper racing "semi slicks" (tyres), rally seats, roll bars, etc. You can buy packages from one circuit upwards. Beyond the Nordschleife there are also mountain-driving tracks for cars and motorcycles, an indoor go-kart track and many other attractions. If you dare, you can try driving the Nordschleife yourself.

We organize packages with transfers, accommodation, conference, dining and, of course, driving and other motorsport activities. We tailor everything to your wishes.

Welcome to “the Green Hell”, as the former Formula 1 star Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old track. 

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