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  • Compact city centre
  • Modern expo buildings
  • International gastronomy
  • Vasco de Gama Bridge
  • Meeting point of cultures

Lisbon - a San Francisco look-alike

Lisbon is Europe's foremost maritime city. This is where traders and explorers began their journeys out into the big, wide world. Lisbon is also characterised by many beautiful monuments from the Portuguese Golden Age.

You can visit this trendy metropolis and explore its story.

Lise is a nickname the Portuguese have given to Lisbon. We think the city is similar to San Francisco: magnificent, charming and ruggedly beautiful all at the same time. The city reminds us of a kind of patchwork of old and new. It makes Lisbon one of Europe's most romantic cities.

The small, yellow trams that run up and down the steep streets and over the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge, inspired by the Golden Gate, underline the similarities between Lisbon and San Francisco. If you go on a tram trip, we recommend you take the Electrico 28, a historical old-time tram that takes you slowly through the city centre.

The district of Alfama is also known as the romantic heart of the city. Alfama was badly affected by the terrible 1755 earthquake which killed nearly 44,000 people. Here, the streets and passageways are narrow. The old buildings are relatively well preserved. The so-called “Fado bars”, where you can hear roadside ballads, offer great food. Take a walk to Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon's historic cradle, and enjoy panorama views of the city.

Newer buildings can be found in the district of Baixa, which we recommend to anyone who enjoys shopping. Here you can find mainly small niche boutiques, but also some large ones with modern brands.

In the district of Belem you can admire the Monument to the Discoveries, the Torre de Belem and the beautiful monastery of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. A trip to Belem is a must for everyone who wishes to understand Portuguese history and the superpower the country used to be, partly thanks to the explorers Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama.

The Bohemian quarter, Bairro Alta, is attractive for residents and visitors alike. The place is full of pubs and small, hidden shops and is bustling with life around the clock. You can also listen to great Fado songs in the area.