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  • Charming pubs
  • Food from all around the world
  • KaDeWe - Europe's largest department store
  • Impressive zoo
  • A city of contrasts

Berlin - a pulsing metropolis

Berlin is a city you want to return to. A pulsating metropolis with a real mix of old buildings and modern architecture, exciting people and many attractions. It is the perfect place for business and leisure.

Berlin is geographically a very large city. The best way to get to know it is to take it district-by-district, according to your own preferences. Prenzlauer Berg is actually situated in former East Berlin, and the old crumbling houses have been restored by people from advertising and the media. The district is a “cool” place with its own Saturday market. They say there are over 600 bars, pubs and cafes in the area.

Other districts are called Mitte, Kreuzberg, Schöneberg and Charlottenburg.

Mitte is the old centre of East Berlin, Kreuzberg is where the Turks and punks live, and Charlottenburg is for the upper-middle class.

The Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate and the TV Tower are some of the must-sees in Berlin. A great way to explore the Wall in more detail is at Checkpoint Charlie, which used to be a crossing point between East and West. Now it is a museum – both inside and out. Here you can buy souvenirs and get a stamp in your passport.

While Berlin is a hectic city, the Berliners do not let stress take over. They like relaxing with a book and enjoying daily life. As a tourist you can do the same – with or without a book. With over 300 theatres and opera houses and 1,500 different events every day, all year round, there is a lot to choose from for those interested in culture. The music scene is excellent and the range is great, with a number of jazz clubs.