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BARCELONA – the city that has got everything

Barcelona satisfies many expectations. A variety of attractions, including the blue Mediterranean Sea, beautiful beaches and lovely climate are a paradise for everyone who also likes good food. The local wine is also exquisite!

Barcelona is connected with tourism, but it is actually a major industrial city, with some 25% of all Spanish production. Over generations, the Barcelonans have built a strong identity. This can be seen every Sunday when some of them meet and participate in folk dances at the Plaza de la Catedral.

The city’s history is reflected in Barcelona’s structural composition and architecture - from the Gothic Quarters close to the marina, through L’Eixample rectilinear district with its typical boulevard system from the 1800s, to suburban areas climbing the hillsides of the city. Barcelona’s centre is enclosed by the Llobregat and Besos Rivers and the Mediterranean Sea. You get the most spectacular views from the hill tops of Montjuïch and Tibidabo.

Antonio Gaudi’s never-ending building La Sagrada Familia is something you must experience up-close. Gaudi began this masterpiece in 1882 and it has not yet been finished. The architect died in 1926, but the cranes are still working on it. The building should be finished in 2020, but there are not many who believe this.

The Old Town, Ciutat Vella, and the districts of Gracia and Barri Goti are also worth exploring.

The marina, Port Olympic, is the city's meeting place, especially in the summer. There are many good restaurants in the area – just like in so many other places in town. The premium gastronomy uses fresh ingredients from the surrounding areas. The master chefs know how to cook good food, so all you have to do is enjoy it.

The pulsating centre of Barcelona is La Rambla, a combined pedestrian and traffic street with trees providing shade on hot, sunny days. La Rambla is always bursting with life.

Many great statues can be found between the beautiful buildings, which is a great reason to celebrate the gems of modern architecture.