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  • The Catholic Court Church
  • The world's greatest milkshop, Pfunds Molkerei
  • Beautiful buildings
  • Meissen porcelain
  • A number of art collections

Dresden - the glory days are back

Before WWII, Dresden was called the Florence of northern Europe. It was a clear reference to the city's beauty. Dresden was destroyed during the war, but today it stands restored, beautiful and inviting again.

We can say Dresden has reclaimed its glory days.

Dresden is located in eastern Germany near the Czech border. The city is the capital of Saxony, a German federal state. It is one of the major cultural cities in the former GDR along with Leipzig.

Dresden has been an artistic centre for generations. One of the most beautiful pictures by the Norwegian artist I.C. Dahl, "Fuldmaanen over Dresden", hangs in the Neue Gallerie Meister . You can also find the painting "Hammeren fra Maridalen" there.

In Dresden, the River Elbe splits into two and creates the Altstadt River in the south and the Neustadt River in the north. With the Elbe as the main artery, the restored city offers a variety of cafés and restaurants. Here you can sit and enjoy the beautiful river scenery and let time pass by, perhaps in combination with good, hearty German food.

Like in many other cities, most of the architectural gems can be found in the old town centre. This is where you can find the Baroque complex Zwinger and its beautiful gardens, the Dresden Residency Palace, the Frauenkirche and the Semper Opera House. These were all meticulously restored, first during the Communist era, and then with the use of German funding after the fall of the Wall.

The Frauenkirche is Germany's largest Protestant church. It was re-opened in 2005.

Dresden has its own Christmas market, one of Germany's oldest. Every other Sunday during Advent the city offers a Christmas cake weighing 3,000kg. People from all over Europe gather in Dresden for a piece.

Many types of Volkswagen car are produced in Dresden.