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  • Great wine
  • Over 40 palaces
  • Traditional Slovak food Bryndzove halusky (gnocchi-like pasta, white cheese and bacon)
  • Many beautiful statues
  • A country on the rise

Bratislava - a hidden gem

Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital with around 500,000 inhabitants. For many, the city is nothing more than a stopover on their way to Vienna, Prague or Budapest.

This is actually quite sad, because the city is a kind of a hidden gem which tourists are only now starting to discover.

The Old Town, with its cobbled squares and narrow streets, is Bratislavas pride. The city’s main square, Hlavne Namestie, is a meeting point for the locals. This is where you can find beautiful Renaissance buildings restored to their original condition.

The majestic castle, Bratislavsky hrad, is the largest castle in Slovakia. It is located on a hill with a lovely view over the River Danube and the surrounding area.

The old Gothic town hall, Stara Radnica, was built in the 15th century and is also one of the oldest stone buildings in Bratislava. The tower dates back to the 13th century. The Grassalkovich Palace is also an impressive sight. It was built as a summer residence for Count Grassalkovich in the 18th century. Today it is home to the country's president.

Saint Martin’s Cathedral and the Michael Gate are also among the must-sees. Kings and queens were crowned in this cathedral back in the days when Bratislava was the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom.

The gate, built in the Middle Ages, is one of original four city gates still standing.

There are a number of manmade ponds and parks in Bratislava. The locals often seek them out for recreational purposes, as they create a pleasant green environment in the city.

Bratislava is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a number of reasons – the village Levoca, where we can find Saint Jacob’s Church with its spectacular carved wooden altar piece, is, without doubt, one of them.

Bratislava's main shopping street is called Obchodna Ulica. The largest shopping centre, called Avion Shopping Park, is owned by IKEA!